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By train or bus

Bø, Gvarv, Lunde and Ulefoss are easily accessible by public transport such as trains and buses.

The route called "Sørlandsbanen" travels between Oslo and Stavanger (via Kristiandsand) with stopovers in both Bø and Lunde. The train ride from Oslo to Bø/Lunde takes about 2 hours, and has 8 departures daily.

Order your ticket online.

The route called Haukeliekspressen departs daily from Oslo to Bø. For bus schedules from other parts of Eastern and Southern-Norway we recommend the websites Ruter# and Vestviken Kollektivtrafikk.

For bus schedules locally in Telemark we recommend Telemark Bilruter.

If you don't find what you're looking for, please contact the tourist information via turistkontoret@boitelemark.com or tel. +47 41 45 22 29.

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